Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Interest in History

Do you have interest in history? Well, I'm sure the sum of history lovers are not much. 40% maybe? Who likes history? Lots of facts, lots of events, lots of warrior. But, who cares about the legend? Malaysia are an independent country now. 

Me, myself didn't like history at first. Every History class, I'd fall asleep or yawning over and over again. Especially when my teacher talks so much, no wonder, I'll be the first to fall asleep. But, that's when I'm at Form 1. 

I didn't realized when I started to fall in love with histories. What I remember is, I explore Second World War stories on Internet and I printed out all the pages. It was expensive and I used my savings to pay the bills.

I started to do my "HOMEWORK", discovering, examining, studying, understanding. The more I study about it, the more excited I've been. I didn't just focus on the paper, I as well watching History channel on Astro (channel 555) and I asks my parents. My mom also kinda loves history and she knows a lot about it too.

I don't know why I really really liked history about war at the west. First World War and Second World War, for instance. MiGOD, the feeling of discovering something about it was absolutely FANTASTIC! 

That time FIFA World Cup 2006 was held at Germany. I was Michael Ballack's fan. And since that, I fall in love with Germany. Of course, Germany previous name was Third Reich. Third Reich was named during the 20th century.

Whoever read histories, they must know that Third Reich are within the greatest country in Europe, once. Third Reich was ruled by Adolf Hitler; who practiced dictatorship and he established a party called National Socialize (known as Nazi). Everybody who works under Nazi department are also called Nazi. Hitler made their own religion called Nazism. 

Hitler and his best friend, Dr. Joseph Goebbels (Third Reich Minister of Propaganda) were anti-Jews. They command their soldiers to capture every Jewish in a country they've invaded. The captured Jewish would be send to the 'Last Solution' as Hitler called it. 'Last Solution' is the place where all the Jews would meet their death. 

Hitler used to say "I left few of them (Jewish) alive just to show the world (nowadays) how bad they are and that's the reason why I killed them all" Actually, he was right. Look what happened today. Those heartless Israel-ian, those Jewish. <sighs>

People said, Nazi are cruel and damnable but to me, I think that they're alright. I wasn't on their side, supporting them but in this case, they're quite right. -for killing Jews. 

I won't say any longer, you won't be interest in this kind of story but I just wanted to share with people, how this story attracts me. It hooked in me so deep. And I'm so happy if anyone would like to share their knowledge about history at the west as well :)






#I bought Adolf Hitler's biography books, Mein Kampf (My Struggle) 2 years ago and it was AMAZING!

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