Monday, 14 January 2013

The ONE Who Stayed

I used to be an ignorant kids. Even though my parents keep asking me to never skip my solat, I'm still ignoring it. During my school days' even horrible. I won't tell how bad and stupid I am that day. I prayed and started to solat when SPM is just around the corner. After SPM, I stopped. I'd pray again when I'm in trouble and asking for help from ALLAH. STILL, I always escaped from trouble. It happens like million times and I never comes around. Even during the fasting month, I didn't solat and just fast and sleep all day long until berbuka

Of course, I'm keeping my bad behavior from my parents. I'm dead meat if they know I had lie to them all these times. 

Until one day, I'm really in a big trouble that I could die if I failed. I apologize to my parents. I don't even know the results but I'm still apologizing, as it was a preparation if I failed. Then, that day came. My dad was by my side. My GOD, the nightmare that terrifies me all these times, didn't become true. 

Now, every times I'm feeling depressed or down, I'd tell, cry, share with HIM. The feeling afterwards, was totally extra-ordinary and relaxing. GOD, that was magical.

Alhamdulillah, to these moment, I'm feeling more lively, merry and ALIVE. Indeed, ALLAH s.w.t is the one who stayed, when no one did. 

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